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Why golf in Africa?

01. Value

While a golf trip to the UK is incredible, it can be costly. On the other hand, the dollar is extremely strong in South Africa so, for less cost, a golf safari affords you a longer tour, world famous courses, premiere accommodation, luxury service, and access to the add-on experiences you'll read about below.

02. Seasonality

South Africa is famous for its sunshine. On average, it boasts 3,100 hours of sunlight a year, more than double that of the UK. Being in the southern hemisphere and having opposite seasons to the US, flying somewhere warm for a sunny golf tour during our winter-time is a no brainer.

03. Courses

South Africa has incredible championship courses, some designed by Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus, and some even listed in the Top 100 worldwide. Sculpted to the natural scenery, every shot is memorable as you play in the shadow of Table Mountain, along the southern coastline of Africa, or amongst unfamiliar wildlife.

04. Add-ons

A golf safari opens up a world of add-on experiences, most of which are naturally incorporated in the tour already. This includes game viewing, centuries-old vineyards, natural wonders of the world, wellness, and more. With something for everyone, non-golfing partners enjoy days just as full and experiential.

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